Lighting Ways to Brighter Days

Taking Out the Garbage_ Part 1

I’ll just bet that if your house is anything like our house, at least once or twice every week, you have to, “take out the garbage.”  Mondays and Thursdays are our reckoning days, and somewhere around 10 p.m., Mondays and Thursdays, someone is asking, “Are we taking out the garbage tonight?”  As I was asking this very question, last Thursday night, it occurred to me that there are many ways we should take out our garbage; not just the emptying of the overly stuffed refrigerator, or tidying up the bathroom or boudoir!  Life can be complicated, these days, and I find that clutter abounds.  You know, under the cabinets, in the closets, and don’t even mention the refrigerator.  The refrigerator is certainly a black hole of despair for me; since I love to cook.  There are always little driblets and containers of just a little bit of something; not enough to be a complete serving, but too much to throw away.  Clutter.  Garbage.  Chaos.  Recently, I committed to de-clutter my refrigerator, weekly.  So, each night before garbage pickup day, I painstakingly pull out any suspicious containers, open them, and inspect the contents.  I determine the fate of the contents with a quick assessment of need:  Will I use it for a light snack?  Can it be used in a soup or stew?  Can I add to it to make another meal?  If none of these criteria are met, it goes into the garbage.  I love my new system.  It works.  My fridge is clean, orderly and tidy.  I can actually find, “stuff!”

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