Lighting Ways to Brighter Days

Taking Out the Garbage_Part 2

I believe that in life, we need to constantly reflect, assess and take out garbage, and there are soooooo many kinds of garbage in our lives.  Some of them are:  procrastination, fear, laziness, overindulging and worry.  Of course, the list could go on forever.  I want to encourage you, today, to stop, from time-to-time, and check yourself and your life for, “garbage.”  What do you need to take out today?  What kinds of things would you like to free yourself from, in order to make your life, cleaner, leaner, and more productive.  It’s a fact that when I de-clutter the refrigerator each week, it makes room for the important, new things I need to store.  The small, worrisome, unnecessary containers are no longer taking up space that’s needed for more useful items.  The old items are no longer occupying valuable storage space and making it difficult for me to see what is new and useful.  Taking out the garbage is something everyone must do on a regular basis.  How wise it would be for us to incorporate a, “garbage takeout,” mindset into our lives in order to keep our minds and hearts, fresh, clean, clear and light.  What garbage do you need to take out today?  My challenge for you, today, is to begin to actively, reflect, assess, consider and remove those habits or practices that weigh you down and keep you from being the best you can be.  Take it out!