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Do I Have to Forget in Order to Forgive?

Forgive and forget; words most of us have heard since childhood.  When someone does something wrong, and it hurts your feelings or even does you physical harm, you were told to forgive and forget.  Whether an unkind word, a broken promise, a broken trust, or even a physical hurt, we’re told to just forgive and forget.  I think most of us can honestly say that while we can get through the, “forgive,” part in one way or another, the, “forget,” is a whole different matter.  Most often, our minds remember what our hearts have endured.  So, is it really necessary to, “forget,” hurtful things that have been done to us?  Is it even POSSIBLE to really forget?  In my lifetime of experiences, I would say, “no.”  I don’t think we ever really “forget” a real hurt.  At the same time,  I would say, that maybe, “forgiving,” IS the key to moving forward and healing, because NOT “forgetting” might actually be a way of protecting ourselves from future harm.  Being able to forgive is an important part of our emotional, physical and spiritual well being; even if we don’t always forget.  Maybe, “letting go,” would be a better suggestion than, “forgetting,” because when we “let go,” we simply try to release ourselves from the grip of a hurt brought to us, recently or from long ago.  I will make a special effort, at the start of this new year of 2024, to, “let go.”  I might not be able to forget, but I honestly think that’s okay.  I will simply work on, “letting go,” of painful memories or hurts of the past, so I can move forward into a brighter more productive space that the future holds for me.  Be well and safe, and brighten your corner by practicing forgiveness, and letting go!