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Am I Sowing the Right Seeds?

When I was a little kid, I absolutely loved, “planting season.”  I loved to see my grandpa bring seeds and small plants from the local co-op store.  I knew that he would plant, nurture and grow the tiny things into something good and useful, and when harvest time came, so did bountiful gifts of veggies, fruits and nuts. He knew his stuff, but no advanced degree in agriculture was required.  The basic principles of planting and harvesting were obvious.

To get a lemon tree, plant a lemon seed.  To get a mustard plant, plant mustard seeds.  To get an avocado, you plant an avocado seed.  To get…okay, I’ll stop!  The point I want to make and even challenge you on, is, what kind of seeds are you planting today?  What kind will you plant tomorrow, and in the future.  Good seeds need to be planted, in order to collect a good harvest.  What do I mean by, “planting good seeds?”  I’m thrilled that you asked!  So many are facing difficult and challenging times now.  Between struggles with finances, marital problems, job concerns, maintaining our sanity, and, well, just life, it sometimes feels impossible to even consider what kinds of seeds we are planting for the good life we want now and moving forward.  Keep in mind these simple principles:  You will get back the kind of seed you plant, and often, you’ll get back more than what you planted.  Sooooo, what kind of seeds are you planting right now?  Let’s just say that there are, “good seeds,” and, “bad seeds.”  Bad seeds might be, over spending, over eating, never exercising, stressing over small things, to name a few.  If I were a betting person, I think it would be a safe bet that none of these, “bad seeds,” will bring you any kind of good harvest.  On the other hand, let’s say some, “good seeds,” might be, learning to save, improving our diets with veggies, fruits and water, adding steps for exercise, and shaking off the minor stressors we face each day.  Good seeds will bring good harvests, like good health, good finances, happier lives for both ourselves and our families.  Good seeds can impact every area of our lives: our children, our spouses, our families and our work colleagues.  What kind of seeds are you planting today?  Sowing and reaping are not just for plants and seeds, but also applies to the way we live our day-to-day lives. Consider your plantings, carefully to ensure, plentiful, productive harvests for you and your loved ones!