Lighting Ways to Brighter Days

You Know, Like They Used to Say….

You know, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” “The early bird gets the worm.”  “A closed hand has nothing going out but nothing coming in.”  These are common, old sayings that have so much truth in them.  For now, let’s focus on the adage, “A closed hand has nothing going out, but nothing coming in.”  Often, we think of those who are, “tight fisted,” in terms of being stingy with money, but being stingy with money isn’t the only, “closed handed,” behavior that can keep us from enjoying meaningful and positive relationships with those who  we love and care for.  So, let’s just quickly look at some of the other ways, we can sometimes have “closed hands,” (and hearts) in ways that can negatively affect our relationships and emotional wellness.  Sometimes, we can be stingy with our time.  Sometimes, we might be stingy with our affection.  Sometimes we might be stingy with praise.  Sometimes we might even be stingy with something as simple as giving attention.  Sometimes, we might be stingy with our level of patience.  Loosening a tight fist in any of these areas, could lead to more successful and satisfying relationships in anyone’s life!  Perhaps we might share a little time with an elderly person, hold a loved one’s hand for no reason, tell a family member they did an excellent job on a chore, notice a special,“thing,” about a spouse, take the time to show a loved one a new skill that might not be familiar to them.  When we open our hands, a little more, we reap all of the benefits that generosity and benevolence can bring!  When we break the habits of being tight fisted and sometimes, “stingy,” in so many areas of our lives, we can experience relationships and connections that are more:  trusting, loving, thoughtful, and happy!  “A closed hand has nothing going out, but nothing is coming in.”  What are some ways YOU might be folding those fingers a little too tightly? Just think about it, and find some ways to loosen them up, and enjoy the rewards of living a life that is open to tall of he good things that will flow, both from and into your opened, welcoming hands in 2024 and beyond!