Lighting Ways to Brighter Days

The Great Balancing Act 

How are you feeling today?  Are you considering the many tasks and chores you need to accomplish today and wondering how in the world you will get everything done?  Between juggling careers, kids, bills, health concerns, supporting aging parents AND all of the other curve balls life can hurl at us, it is difficult to not become overwhelmed with all that is expected of us, every single day!  If you’re not very careful, you can easily place so little energy on tending to YOURSELF, that you will soon be running on fumes and you’ll run the risk of actually becoming the glass that’s half empty!  It’s hard to pour from a cup that’s half full.  This is where it becomes so important for us to remember that a balanced life is critical, these days, in order 

for us to stay healthy and well; both emotionally and physically.  Becoming  hyper-focused on any one area, simply won’t cut it in these times.  The key is balance, so that your cup does not become empty from only focusing on one thing while other areas go unattended.  If you don’t already, why not try to begin planning your year and days so that you aren’t consumed by any one “thing.”  Give one hundred percent at work, and when it’s time to stop, STOP.  Now, shift your focus to family, and give them everything you have to give, but be sure and leave some time that is just for YOU, and give the gift of self-care to yourself.  YOU are just as important as every other situation that needs attending during the course of your day, week, and year.  Look for ways to bring balance to your days, and live a life that isn’t lopsided or out of kilter.  Start today.  You can do it!  Make this year a year of creating and embracing a balancing act that works for you!