Lighting Ways to Brighter Days

The Perfect Time Is Now!

Well, we’ve all been taught, since childhood, that it’s good to save for a rainy day, but what about the common practice of just being a pack rat, and tucking away those special gifts to enjoy another day?  I remember special holidays, when I was a kid, and I would find a way (and a few bucks) to purchase just the perfect gift, for my mom or special loved one.  During my childhood, Mother’s Day was always a big deal, and I would plan and search for weeks, for the perfect, special gift to give to my mom on Mother’s Day.  Other special times were Christmas, Valentines Day, Father’s Day and Birthdays.  The gift had to be, “just right,” so I could beam and glow with pride as I handed over the precious package to the honoree of the day!  Sometimes, I think I was more excited to GIVE the gift, than the recipient was to receive it!  Once I’d presented my gift, I’d beam for a few more hours, and eagerly wait to see my gift receiver make  use of this wonderful, awe-inspiring gift they’d received from me.  So, I’d wait.  Then, I’d wait some more.  Then, somewhere down the the road, I would realize that I’d never seen my gift used;  not even once!  Ultimately, would come the realization that the gift had, once again, found its way into the magical hide-away chest or drawer; marked as “safe,” and tucked away for safe keeping.  I never really understood why, so often, we save, hide, tuck away, or preserve gifts that we feel are special!  What, exactly, are we saving them for?  A rainy day?  A special occasion?  A time we’ve not yet become aware of?  What?  So, my note of encouragement for you today is, “Just use it and enjoy it!”  There truly is no time like the present to enjoy life and all of the special ways we have to make our lives more enjoyable and pleasurable each day!  When we receive something we think is, “special,”  don’t put it away and wait for the perfect time to use it.  Think of each day as, “the perfect time!”  Any day can be the perfect day to make yourself and your loved ones feel special.  Soooo, nudge, nudge, tap, tap, go deep into those secret storage-space, “hidey holes,” and pull out those special things you’ve just been saving: grandma’s jewelry, the special dish towels, dad’s old fishing gear, or any of the special-day treasures you’ve been given, but you just tucked them away.  Put them on, or use them, and tell yourself that, “today is a special day, and I am special too.”  I certainly do!  Answer the question, “What am I saving it for?”  I’ll bet you really can’t come up with a good answer. If I were a betting person, but I’m not, I would just bet that once you start practicing the, “I’m not saving it,” gesture, you’ll make yourself and your gift giver, pleased as punch and peacock proud!  The perfect time is now.